Monitor your health and keep track of your physical activities

For better cardiac rehabilitation

Easy-to-use tools that will help you to monitor your health

mHeart is a mobile application that brings you easy-to-use tools that will help you to monitor your health and keep track of your physical activities and vital measurements, always close to you.

By analyzing your measurement history, you can compare various situations in your daily routine and see how your body responded to different types of physical stimulus.

This way you can keep an eye on your heart condition, and the collected data can tell your doctor more clearly about the evolution of your heart’s behaviour.

When analyzing your profile and data, mHeart will intelligently recommend specific cardiovascular training and health programs that suits your health condition and personal profile.

Beta version of mHeart ready start 2021


mHeart CR and AF detection


Individualized programs

Individualized training and health programs for optimal and safe CR.


Visualizations of your day

Visualizations of your day, your heart health and potential arrhythmia.


Collects heart data

Collects heart data and potential arrhythmia history for the clinical treatment


You are in control

Control of medical and historical commitments


Instant consulting

Instant chat and video consulting with CR and arrhythmia experts (premium service) in the mHeart app.



Integration with leading health care platforms


Rithmi® technology

Rithmi® technology for arrhythmia detection and analysis

Value Proposition

mHeart  target groups are private and public hospitals, physiotherapists and GPs in Scandinavia and later Germany and the Nederlands


Effective CR

Individualized, engaging training works! 


Patient learning

Patient learning improves motivation, CR and health 


Research purposes

For better treatment and CR in the future


Mark Asboe

Product Manager
+10 years of international tech. experience.
Anthropologist specialized in UX

Peter Steen Hansen

Founder & CEO
Director of the Molholm Heart Centre, MD, Ph.D., DMSci, FEHRA

Ulrik Blom

Finance & Partnerships
+10 years of international tech experience
Founder of Tutee Technologies

Stefan Olsen

CTO & Software Engineer


Peter Tange

Frontend Engineer & Designer

Advisory Board

Professor Jørgen Jespersen

International leading researcher in cardiology, University of Southern Denmark

Fm. Chairman of the ECAA and the European Action on Anticoagulation (EAA) ,

Professor Maria Hopman

Integrative Physiology at Radboud University Medical Center
International expert in cardiovascular training


Cardiovascular diseases are a leading global cause of death. Of all major CVD events, 50% are secondary events to patients that suffered a myocardial infarction (MI). Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) is proven effective in preventing a secondary MI and is the globally recommended intervention. However, implementation and compliance with CR are in general poor with an alarming uptake of <50%!

Innovative solutions facilitating wider access to CR is crucial to realize its full benefit. mHeart is such a novel solution, enabling convenient heart rate monitoring and arrhythmia detection, informative visualizations, medical control, alarm function, and real-time remote support by heart experts and professionals.

Furthermore, mHeart offer personalized and engaging training and health programs fitting the patients personal profile and health condition. This way mHeart creates unique value for the patients in CR processes towards better health and life quality.

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The project is supported by Welfare Tech Denmark.

RhythmDoctor®( the new name for mHeart) is the first Chronic Disease Management App (CDMA) for people with Atrial Fibrillation (AF), which recently has been categorized as a chronic disease. Having AF is significantly affecting people’s health and quality of life. Furthermore, AF is to blame in about 1/3 of all cases of stroke. RhythmDoctor is designed to help the patients manage their disease and to improve health, quality of life and at the same time reduce the risk for stroke. Furthermore, RhythmDoctor will deliver useful data for the cardiologists to support their treatment of AF patients. RhythmDoctor will service with features such as individualized patient education, disease log with PROM data, progression measurement, integration with Apple and Samsung Watch and our own smartphone-based AF-detection application. No one in the world is at the moment offering a dedicated CDMA for AF. There are a lot of different companies providing different apps for possible AF-detection  (Fibricheck, Alivecor, Apple Watch etc.). Also, you can find different educational websites/apps from national heart associations around the world. Still, there is no one at the moment who combines these in a complete and advanced CDMA like RhythmDoctor® As a part of the project we are testing our app in the Municipality of Esbjerg. We are due to our project plan also working including other heart diseases combined with a rehabilitation programme. But our first focus is atrial fibrillation. 

Pain and value proposition

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a condition of the heart in which the heart beats uncoordinated. AF can cause the blood to stand almost still in the atria, thus forming blood clots that can be carried with the blood to the brain, where they typically get stuck in the brain’s larger arteries and thus can cause severe apoplexy. AF is to blame in about 1/3 of all cases of stroke (!). AF affects about 2% of the population. AF is very age-related. In the group from 30-40 years, the incidence is below 0.5% but increases to between 10 to 15% in the +80-year-olds category. The lifetime risk for AF is approx. 25%. Given the markedly growing life expectancy, a doubling of AF (prevalence) is expected over the next ten years, and the incidence increases markedly from around 20,000 to 30,000-35,000 AF patients per year. Despite advances in treatment, such as ablation, AF is categorized as a chronic disease and affects 75-100 million people worldwide. The Rhythm Doctor App is the first advanced CMDA for atrial fibrillation in the world. With the app, we will give the patient a better self-mastery of the disease. Although AF is a chronic disease, recent research shows that one can significantly reduce the disease’s impact on daily life and quality of life. Likewise, one can substantially reduce the risk of severe stroke. On the treatment side of the app, it will be possible to access the patient’s data by logging into our secure cloud. Here, the health professional will be able to follow the AF patient’s health status, including the number and duration of seizures (paroxysmal AF), different complications, medication, side effects, heart rate during various activities, possible home-based blood pressure measurements, training efforts, diets and potential weight loss, as well as other data from Apple/Samsung Watch or our own integrated AF detection application. The data presented for the health professional can, in many cases, support the patient’s clinical treatment and thus create value for both patient and therapist.

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